Momento: Valentino Caffè's concept bar

Momento Valentino Caffe
Momento Valentino Caffe

We have come up with a unique space where you can enjoy the most precious gift: time. A place where you can regain your balance through unique flavour experiences, where you can pause to reflect and share and come back, to treat yourself.
We have designed a concept bar where the quality of the products can be associated with the quality of the time experienced, even it if its just for a “moment”.

Momento is our international flagship cafè, a space that represents a model where mood and quality can always be perceived, where you can have breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner.

Momento by Valentino Caffè is based on three basic and characteristic elements that are perfectly formed in different places in terms of history and culture:

  • good food
  • design
  • calligraphy
Momento Flag Ship Cafe


The menu reflects our Italian tradition, starting from the breakfast planned with Francesco Sanapo – Italian barista champion – that includes Italian espresso, cappuccino in all its versions, with an eye for the Third Wave, with coffee extraction methods that allow for a slower and more meditative enjoyment of our favourite bean through coffee infusions, American coffee, V60 drip coffee and cold brews.

As well as excellent coffee, Momento offers a rich menu to customise lunches, dinners or an afternoon break.

Momento Valentino
Momento Flag Ship Cafe



The Momento spaces have been designed by the food designer Marco Pietrosante. These are new and unconventional spaces, where the objects and the furnishings (in natural materials such as iron, wood, glass, ceramics) are designed to create a welcoming space surrounded by plants.
There is no counter dividing the room like in a classic bar, but lots of islands where you can enjoy your time and relax.


Calligraphy is an ancient and precious writing technique. The elegance of this distinctive motif accompanies the whole creative concept of Momento.
Marta Lagna is the artist who designed and produced the lettering that guides our customers in an experience made of words and beauty.

Momento is a place conceived for a meeting of cultures and a crossroads of personal stories that come to life in front of a good Italian espresso coffee. That’s why the first Valentino Caffè concept bar has been set up in the heart of the Mediterranean, in Tirana, surrounded by a beautiful square.

Momento Valentino

Momento encapsulates:

Momento encapsulates:

“A rose doesn’t need to preach. It just spreads its own scent”. (Mahatma Gandhi)

“There can be no good economics with bad ethics”. (Ezra Pound)

“A coffee pot on the stove is enough to fill a room”. (Erri de Luca)

“It is what we know already that often prevents us from learning”. (Claude Bernard)

“Only rarely do we manage to satisfy ourselves; it is therefore much more comforting to satisfy others”. (Johann Wolfgang Goethe)

“Everything that can be said can be said clearly”. (Ludwig Wittgenstein)

“A warrior that doesn’t know how to retreat cannot win. A tree that is unbending, is easily broken”. (Lao Tse)

“Those who speak clearly, know their mind”. (Bernardino da Siena)

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort”. (John Ruskin).

“Let’s treat ourselves in front of a coffee”. (we came up with that one)