The culture of the art of coffee is at the heart of the Maestri Caffettieri project: Valentino Caffè's barista school.

Maestri Caffettieri Valentino Caffe
Maestri Caffettieri Valentino Caffe

The company, in line with its ethical principles based on corporate social responsibility, has for years contributed to the development of talented youngsters and the cultural, economic and social growth of the Apulia Region, boasting a network of collaborations with the University of Salento and with the Hotel Management Schools of the Lecce province.

Since 2014 Valentino Caffè has hosted the Master Baristas professional training school managed by Marina Montefrancesco, at the headquarters in the business park of Lecce.

The school boasts a rich a program of activities such as: lessons, seminars and workshops with internationally renowned professionals: HidenoriIzaki, Chiara Bergonzi and Manuela Fensore, Eva Palma.

The Master Baristas school is an important aspect of the company, because the experience and art of a good barista are the final, significant link in the high-quality production process, which is the hallmark of Valentino Caffè’s excellence.

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School for Master Baristas:
what is it and how does it work?

There are no overnight baristas, there is an art to the profession that we can teach

Valentino Caffè’s Master Baristas school runs first, second and third level courses, consisting of classroom lessons and laboratory activities.

The aim of the courses is to provide all the skills necessary to start a career as a barista or bar manager or for those looking to open their own bar.

Courses and seminars are designed for people who want to learn the art of the master barista, from preparing original menus to the care and style necessary for a flawless service, and including the promotion and communication skills.

Alongside the regularly held institutional courses, Valentino Caffè holds numerous other cultural and training events, such as seminars, workshops and themed events.

Guided tastings, sensory analyses, recipes and seasonal dishes, refresher courses and the latest developments from the world of coffee are just some of the topics covered and analysed in-depth.

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Maestri Caffettieri Valentino Caffe

Master Baristas
training courses

The lessons consist of a veritable full immersion in the art and culture of coffee and cappuccino.
Every lesson lasts for 7 hours (from 9 to 16) and includes theory and laboratory sessions. Every student has access to a practical and full-equipped station where they can carry out the laboratory part of the course individually with the direct supervision of the teaching staff.

A complete training program in four courses to become Master Baristas.

Barista Basic
7 hours

Barista Advanced
7 hours

Latte Art
7 hours

Latte Art Advanced

There are a limited number of places on the courses to guarantee the full-support of the teaching staff for every student.

Why should I frequent a
barista school?

Master baristas are not born, they are trained. To make a good espresso or cappuccino you need method, technique, skills and knowledge, in short the art and skills of the barista.
Frequenting our courses and taking part in our themed events is the great opportunity that Valentino Caffè offers to develop your bar and your career.

School location:
Locations of the Master Barista school: Lecce, Valentino caffè spa, Zona Industriale, Via Croazia 8. On request and for groups we organise masters and workshops in other locations in Italy and abroad.

To find out about the dates of the courses, the events and to remain up to date with the activities of the Master Barista school, see our News page (and/or sign up to our Newsletter). For real time updates see our Facebook page.

For information and to sign up:
Contact the Master Barista school on Facebook or write to:

Maestri Caffettieri Valentino Caffe

Who is the Master Barista
school for?

Valentino Caffè’s Master Baristas school has been designed for:
• baristas who are starting in the profession
• expert baristas who want to refine their skills in order to excel in their work.

Maestri Caffettieri Valentino Caffe

What to choose and how

We are sorry but there are no courses at the moment. To be informed about the dates of the next courses, write to

Barista Basic

Durata 7 ore

  • Storia del caffè
  • Filiera del chicco di caffè
  • Corretta estrazione dell’espresso
  • Montatura del latte
  • Manutenzione e pulizia
Barista Advanced

Durata 7 ore

  • Cenni estrazione alternativa
  • Importanza dell’acqua in fase di estrazione
  • Estrazione espresso miscela e singola origine
  • Processo tostatura
  • Cenni di Latte Art
Latte Art

Durata 7 ore

  • Il latte e le sue proprietà
  • Il latte indicato per la Latte Art
  • Espresso Perfetto
  • Quali lattiere scegliere e come utilizzarle
  • Microtessitura per Latte Art
  • Tazza da utilizzare eversaggio
  • Gli esercizi di mano e di polso
  • Figure e decorazioni
  • Prove tecniche e pratiche di realizzazione
  • I detergenti indicati per la pulizia delle attrezzature
Latte Art Avanzato
  • Prove e tecniche per realizzare figure avanzate

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